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Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) is located at the northernmost part of the Malaysian peninsula, less than 35 km from the borders of Thailand. Formerly known as KUKUM (Kolej Universiti Kejuruteraan Utara Malaysia, or Northern Malaysia University College of Engineering), it was approved by the Cabinet as a public institution of higher learning in May, 2001. Its first intake comprised 116 engineering students, who started classes in June, 2002. It now has approximately 3000 students, and a workforce of more than 600 people comprising academic and non-academic staff. There are fifteen programmes leading to B. Eng and six programmes leading to Diploma (Engineering), offered through eight engineering schools. In addition, it also has twelve postgraduate programmes leading to M.Sc (Engineering) and PhD.

UniMAP prides itself as a true-blue technical university which fulfills the interest of students who are inclined towards practical-based engineering education. UniMAP graduates are budding engineers who have been groomed to be competent and confident enough to explore entrepreneurial possibilities upon graduation. They are expected to not only exhibit excellence in knowledge and skills directly related to their engineering fields of study, but are also proficient in communication and ICT skills, as well as possessing unsurpassed traits of professionalism and patriotism.

Electronic-based engineering is UniMAP's focus. However, related fields of engineering and technology that support the advancement of electronic-based engineering are also pursued at UniMAP.

The official shirt of UniMAP


To produce a holistic human capital that contributes to the nation's development and industrial competitiveness agenda


An internationally competitive academic and research institution

Academic programmes

All programmes are offered through eight schools -- School of Computer and Communication Engineering, School of Microelectronic Engineering, School of Electrical Systems Engineering, School of Mechatronic Engineering, School of Manufacturing Engineering, School of Materials Engineering, School of Bioprocess Engineering, and School of Environmental Engineering


UniMAP offers 15 undergraduate engineering programmes leading to the degree of B. Eng in the following areas:

  • Computer Engineering
  • Communication Engineering
  • Microelectronic Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Electrical Systems Engineering
  • Industrial Electronic Engineering
  • Mechatronic Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Product Design Engineering
  • Biomedical Electronic Engineering
  • Metallurgical Engineering
  • Materials Engineering
  • Bioprocess Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Polymer Engineering


In addition, UniMAP offers 6 Diploma programmes, namely:

  • Diploma in Computer Engineering
  • Diploma in Microelectronic Engineering
  • Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering
  • Diploma in Mechatronic Engineering
  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  • Diploma in Metallurgical Engineering.


Nowadays,we can see that the ICT application is the most important parts of engineering education.In this technological era,engineering education can’t be done without ICT application.Imagine that the engineer used to draw the project manually using their hand.It will take a long time and the measurements in the drawing are not too accurate.This problem can be avoided if the engineer use the ICT this case,he can use Auto Cad for accurate measurements in drawing and the tidy works.One more example,imagine that the engineer should count many numbers by themselves manually.Maybe the engineer will be ‘crazy’ because of that numbers.So,we can conclude that ICT applications and engineering education has their own relationship that we can’t deny.

Every works that we done must have their own objectives.The works will only can be categorized as successful if the objectives had achieved successfully.In this case,ICT application is used in engineering education to make the works become more easier.With ICT application,all informations can be achieved only on the fingertips.The next objective is ICT applications help us to produce the products that have high quality.If we make the product manually,maybe the quality is not better than the product that had been produced using ICT applicatios such as machines and some program.Using ICT applications,we are also can produce extraordinary products that can’t be done by ordinary people.As an ordinary people,our potential to produce something has the limit but using ICT applications,anything that we don’t expect can be done easily. We are also can communicate with others that live far from us or live in other country.With this way,we can share anything with them.Next objective is we can produce many products in shorter period of time that we can’t do by ourselves.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

My favourite game of all time....= DEVIL MAY CRY : Its all about KILLING!!!

This is my favourite game of all time. Playing this game can release all of my tension. This game is simple, you just need to kill anyone who you meet without mercy!! Its absolutely killing peoples, do some vandalisme and I very love and enjoy do that thing! Sometimes, I became crazy when playing this game. Only pro-gamers can play this game… With the 34 inch television and the loud speaker, I’m really crazy when playing this game and I only play this game when my parent went to their office…huhuhuhu…HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's have some fun babes!!


Devil May Cry opens in Dante's as-of-yet unnamed shop as a mysterious man called Arkham appears to offer an invitation from Dante's brother vergil in the form of a brutal demon attack. After Dante defeats the monsters inside and outside his shop, an immense tower erupts from the ground a short distance away. Sensing Vergil atop the structure, Dante takes the situation as a challenge.

At the tower's entrance Dante encounters Cerberus, defeats him and claims the monster's soul, which transforms into a new weapon. In what becomes a recurring game mechanic, the souls of some defeated boss monsters are transformed into new weapons for Dante's arsenal. Dante is then attacked by a woman on a motorcycle, whose name later becomes Lady. It is revealed in subsequent cutscenes that Arkham is working for Vergil and they plan to take Dante's half of the amulet their mother gave them, and use its power to reactivate the tower's ability to connect the human and demon worlds. It is also revealed that Arkham is Lady's father, that he murdered her mother, and that she is pursuing to revenge of her mother.

sori lah, I have no mercy when killing you guys....

After numerous battles, an encounter with a being calling itself Jester, and another run-in with Lady, Dante attains the tower's summit and battles Vergil. Vergil soundly defeats Dante, steals Dante's amulet, and departs. As a result of his defeat Dante's dormant devil powers emerge, and he sets off in pursuit. He eventually catches up in the control room located in the tower's basement, where Vergil is having no luck reactivating the tower. The brothers battle again and seem evenly matched, until they are interrupted first by Lady and then Jester. Jester reveals that he is in fact Arkham, and has been manipulating them all to reactivate the tower. Arkham's plan is to cross over to the demon world and steal the Force Edge, the dormant form of Sparda's original sword which contains the bulk of Sparda's old power, and use it to rule over a demon-infested Earth. The tower then transforms as the spell is broken, carrying Arkham upwards to the summit, while Vergil vanishes in the confusion.

Dante battles his way back up the tower, and eventually fights Lady for the right to pursue Arkham. Dante wins, and Lady lends him her most powerful weapon. Reaching the summit once again, Dante crosses over to the demon world and catches up with Arkham, who has assumed Sparda's demonic form. Overwhelmed by the power, Arkham transforms again into a blob-like creature and battles Dante. Halfway through the fight, as Arkham is gloating that Dante has no chance, Vergil reappears and the brothers work together to bring down Arkham. Arkham is thrown out of the demon world in a weakened state and lands atop the tower, where Lady kills him. In the demon world, Dante and Vergil battle over ownership of the Force Edge and the amulet halves. Dante is victorious. As the portal closes, Vergil decides to stay behind and vanishes into the darkness with one half of the amulet.

Returning to the human world, Dante meets Lady outside the tower where she coins the phrase "devil may cry" while trying to comfort Dante over the loss of his brother. They form a friendship and the beginnings of a partnership in demon-slaying, and he names his shop "Devil May Cry" A scene after the credits reveals a weakened yet determined Vergil, still in the demon world, where he charges into battle against his father's old foe, Mundus.;reviews